How to Fire with Minimum Pain and Drama

Deal with fear, prepare for and conduct the firing interview, and deal with the team post-firing.
  • Delivery Method

    100% Self-Paced + Online

  • Assessment Method

    6 Module Quizzes + 1 Final Test

  • Training Duration

    70 Minutes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use objective tools that will help determine whether someone should be coached or fired

  • Implement the 4 steps to firing well

  • Deal with a variety of responses and learn what to do after the firing

Course curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Module 2: Who Needs to be Fired and Who Needs to be Coached?
    • Module 2 Introduction
    • Download: The Star Chart + How to Get the Right People in the Right Seats Cheat Sheet
    • 4 Essential Questions to Keep in Mind
    • Watch Out for 'Dumbsizing'
    • Module 2 Quiz
  • Module 3: Protecting Yourself and Your Organization
    • Module 3 Introduction
    • Legal Issues
    • Don'ts to Remember
    • Module 3 Quiz
  • Module 4: The Three Steps to Firing
    • Module 4 Introduction
    • 3 Steps to Firing
    • Who Should Do The Firing?
    • Module 4 Quiz
  • Module 5: How to Deal with a Variety of Responses
    • Module 5 Introduction
    • Should You 'Make An Example' of someone?
    • Possible Responses
    • Module 5 Quiz
  • Module 6: What to do after the Firing?
    • Module 6 Introduction
    • Your Best People Will Cheer!
    • Sample: Information Message
    • Minimizing Fear and Gossip
    • Once the Firing is Over
    • Module 6 Quiz
  • Wrap-Up
    • Final Test
    • Optional Further Reading
    • Download: How to Fire Cheat Sheet


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    As the courses are self-study, you have an unlimited amount of time to complete each course.

  • Can I email instructors if I have questions or suggestions?

    While the courses are self-study, we encourage students to reach out to us with questions or concerns. Please click the "feedback" tab on the right side of your screen while taking the courses to ask questions or provide feedback.

  • Can I download, keep and share the downloadable resources?

    Yes! These downloadables include cheat sheets, templates and workbooks that you can keep and share with your coworkers, employees or friends.

  • What currency are Getting People Right courses priced in?

    All of the courses are priced in USD and include applicable taxes.

  • Are there any additional fees or costs?

    No! You can either purchase each course on its own or purchase the Leadership Fundamentals Certificate which will give you access to everything you need to take the courses and earn your digital certificate.


What They Say About Getting People Right

When we met Trevor we were a non-profit in a very tough spot. Using Trevor’s tools, our NGO has gone from stuck to thriving. Recently we were chosen as one of the top 25 performing charities in the country (out of 86,000) by the Financial Post. He has helped us build a vision-driven, strategically sound, energized team; comfortable with a high degree of transparency and accountability.
Bernie Willock,
CEO FH Canada
We decided to implement Trevor’s strategies across the country in over 100 locations and over 2500 employees. The result has been a transformation of our culture. People’s lives have been positive impacted – professionally and personally. Morale is high and sales and profits are up as a result.
Daryl Verbeek,
President, VCA Canada
The roadmap laid out in these courses set our business up to quintuple in sales. We’ve learned how to fix ongoing personnel issues once and for all, attract top talent, and spend our time focused on results, not on internal staffing problems. I highly recommend it to you – it’s worked for us.
John de Jonge,
owner Artex Barn Solutions
Serial entrepreneur
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